Monday, August 31, 2009

Off To See the Wizard - Oz Pizza

Way back when, maybe five years ago, I visited Oz Pizza. It was on the other side of the track in Decatur by Agnes Scott and the pizza was the Five years later, it has been whisked away by a twister to another set of railroad tracks in Eastpoint. Frankly, I have no reason to ever be in this part of town unless going to or from Hartsfield-Jackson airport, but I bought a new camera out there today and decided to stop in.
After getting the camera, I arrived on Main Street and thought to myself, "We're not in Atlanta anymore." And I'll cut the Wizard of Oz crap right there... But really, this street is pretty unique. They have lots of non-chain restaurants (many of which looked good), boutiques, bakeries and antique stores. Oz Pizza is right at the end of the main drag and takes up a large portion of an old building. The restaurant is scattered and divided into one large room, a smaller room/bar, and a very large and beautiful patio.
The pizza is good. That's all I can really say about it and I'd say the sauce and cheese are close to excellent, but the combination of ingredients doesn't meld to make a great slice. I got three slices of cheese for 5.32 which is a steal for lunch. I'll put it into my grading scale below:

1. Crust - Too floppy. When I started getting up to the crust, it was marvelously crunchy but the first three quarters of the slice were just too floppy. The crust is also relatively flavorless and you guessed it, lacks char. The actual edge of the crust was a bit dry for my taste as well.
2. Cheese - Really nice and tangy combination. Emits that wonderful tangy grease, but not enough to grease the Tin Man's joints (OK I'm done I promise!). Also just look a the picture I took; perfect melt/pull to it.
3. Sauce - Also really nice. Herb-y but could probably use even a little more.

Verdict: Pretty good but certainly not worth the drive with Rosa's in town.
BTW- I promise I don't just eat pizza and burgers all the time. Just some of it...
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