Monday, August 24, 2009

Le Big Mac... or not

For years I never even ate McDonalds. Growing up near Dunwoody Village, Burger King was my most viable fast food choice and frankly I thought it tasted better (with the exception of the fries). After a McDonalds apple pie request by Kins one evening, I finally saw the light (Gospel Choir rejoices with an enormous "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!") While it's certainly greasier and probably more unhealthy (or is it unhealthier?), Mickey Deez has become a new choice in the plethora of fast food options.

Today I had the hankering. You know, the one you get when you don't have anything to do but sit and work and you dont mind that grease-bomb resting (sometimes for not all that long) in the depths of your bowels for the rest of the day. I was particularly intrigued by McDonalds new "Angus Third Pounders" sandwiches (McDonalds terminology for a burger) that they recently introduced. While it may seem like fast food joints are constantly barraging the public with new products, this is the first new burger McDonalds has introduced since 2001's "Big n' Tasty," which for the record, I've never tried. The burger of my eye, or mouth as the case may be, is the "Quarter Pounder" with cheese or even the "Double Quarter Pounder" with cheese.

Frankly, after trying the "Bacon and Cheese Angus Third Pounder" (one helluva name), I feel that the Quarter Pounder sandwiches are more bang for your buck. The angus burger is a bit dryer and a little less flavorful albeit much less greasy. The bacon is much better than you'll get at other fast food restaurants and is crispy and smoky. Nutritionally, however, the "Bacon and Cheese" is right on par with the "Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese" if you can believe it and contains twice as much sodium. That's for all you nutritionally minded people still heading to Mickey Deez like myself. In the future, when the hankering kicks in, I'll stick with my gut and get the "Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese." Perhaps it's more fitting to say the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese" will stick with my gut.

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  1. Mickey Deez? You are a glutton for punishment!

    That stuff goes through me faster than a Beemer on 400.

    If you must go fast food, it's all about Wendy's Spicy Chicken sammich.