Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How do you make a BAD Oreo?

How do you make a BAD Oreo? Well the folks at Nabisco have figured it out. I bought these limited edition Fudge Sundae Creme Oreos on the premise that I love all the other limited run cookies that Nabisco puts out; the fudge covered Oreos are incredible even if you can't dunk them, but they really flubbed the dub on these.

I mean what does that mean? They put whipped cream and a cherry on it? Judging by the picture on the front you might think they would use some sort of hot fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream tasting creme center. Nope!

Looks like an ordinary Oreo.

What's that? Half vanilla and half chocolate?

What's that? Nasty, slimy fudge creme.

They've left the original creme on half of the sandwich cookie, but replaced the other half with a fudge creme that's just nasty. It's too thick, too grainy, and too gross. Don't buy these. Complete FAIL.

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  1. The classic Oreo: something they should never change.