Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Can Has Cheezburger? - Cypress Street Pint & Plate

Holy shit! That's all I can say. I just ate what I would consider one of the most unexpectedly satisfying burgers I've ever had. Atlanta has turned into the burger capital of the nation as of late. A 2007 Wall Street Journal article shed some light on Atlanta's respect for this culinary mastermind of a sandwich. The paper awarded #1 burger in the country to Ann's Snack Bar and placed Vortex in the top 10. Richard Blais parked his new burger bistro, Flip, smack-dab in Atlanta and Holeman and Finch's awesome, yet gimicky burger has also been named Food Network Magazine's best burger in Georgia.

But one seemingly gimicky burger has nearly slipped under the radar of all the praise being thrown at my fair city, and that is the Sublime Burger of Cypress Street Pint & Plate. Based on the Luther (yes, one of Luther Vandross's favorite treats), the Sublime Burger really didn't pique my interest. I had eaten a burger from Cypress previously, and didn't think much of it. But with the promise of a Sublime Doughnut for a bun and the encouragement of my friend Xerxes (don't ask), I made it over to Cypress yesterday to feast upon this wonderfully underrated sandwich.

That's not a bagel, folks!

Again, Holy Shit. Sublime Doughnuts (another review entirely) are tastefully sweet unlike their counterparts at Krispy Kreme, which will instantly put you in a diabetic coma. The sweetness from the doughnuts pairs with the bacon cheeseburger like sweet jam on a terrifically savory sausage biscuit; subtle but undeniably complimentary. They grill the inside of the bun slice very nicely so that it doesn't absolutely fall apart, but since this is a pretty greasy burger, the bottom of my bun was saturated with liquid fat (a quick flip easily remedied this). The bacon is excellent and the cheese, well a necessary evil. Frankly I didn't bother putting ketchup or any other condiments on the burger and just let the flavors of medium-rare beef, bacon, cheese, and donut come together in bliss. Their fries are pretty good here, fat cut, freshly fried with a creamier than average interior.

Xerxes' O-rings

Xerxes wasn't so lucky in that his medium-rare patty was more like well done. Also he didn't particularly care for the O-rings (as he so eloquently puts it), but I thought they were pretty tasty for the most part. Still his plate was clean save for burger drippings.

I really put this burger in the top 5 in the city and Cypress is never really slammed. The burger is completely crave worthy and truth be told I had a hard time not going back there for dinner. Luther Vandross, may you rest in peace, you were really on to something here and I only wish you were still around for one more heart-attack inducing bite.

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