Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Power Q. Edgewood Revival - Rolling Bones

I remember when Rolling Bones first opened in 2003. I was so excited to have some unique BBQ in my hood, and with a drive-through mind you! After going there many, many times I can safely say it was one of the more inconsistent, and not-so-great Q places in town. I had some damn good meals here, but more often than not, some pretty disappointing ones.

Rolling Bones was previously an abandoned filling station.

Then I got word that Rolling Bones was under new ownership (Chef Todd Richards of One Flew South) and that on June 7th, 2009, they were administering an entirely new menu. I was there on the 8th and they still hadn't implemented the new menu but nothing could deter me. I've been back four times now and I have to say the meat is much better than the former incarnation, but the "gourmet" sides are lacking.

Roll that beautiful meat footage!

This past visit I went for a combo plate. This is the best deal on the menu and for $12 you can get at least two meals out of all the food. I went for the chopped pork, ribs, and paprika-butter corn. The meat is nice and smokey and sauce (spicy or mild) is usually just poured over it. The ribs were very tender and a little on the greasy side, but hardly fatty. The pulled pork is equally as tasty with some really nice smoke permeating throughout each bite. The corn... Well it appears all the butter and paprika had removed itself from the corn and were laying, melted in the bottom of the styrofoam container. I wouldn't really care all that much, but every time I've gone here since the reopening the sides were always disappointing. They claimed to have hand cut fries - they were frozen on my visit. The sweet potato was just plain nasty.

Aside from that, Rolling Bones is a solid choice for your BBQ cravings. Due to poor line management and lack of parking the other times I've visited, I recommend calling in your order and picking it up at the drive-through window.

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