Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meh - El Tesoro

I met Kins for lunch here a few weeks ago and was pretty excited to finally be trying a new Mexican place. El Tesoro is located in an old house (not typical Mexican digs) on the southern side of the Decatur Square and somewhat off the beaten path. I rather liked the change in scenery, but my praises stop there.
The food was meh and the service was no bueno. They lose a point from me right off the bat as they charge for chips and salsa. The chips were pretty decent and perfectly salty but the salsa was lacking in the flavor department. They claim to have authentic Mexican street-style tacos. $3 each. On Buford Highway tacos can be cheaper than a dollar each. Imagine how much in Mexico... Price aside, authentic these were not.
I ordered three tacos - Chicken Tomatillo, Fish, and Pork Tomatillo. Props on giving the choice between corn or flour tortillas (neither house made) but that couldn't make up for the fillings. The fish was pretty tasty but the other two were just, bland. You know like Ann from Arrested Development bland.

"What is she, funny or something?"

For a $9 (or $11+ if you count the chips) meal I left full, but unsatisfied. Additionally the service was extremely slow and the restaurant was empty. They're going to need some serious help if they want to survive in not only this economy, but the exponentially growing Atlanta restaurant scene.

Also, what's up with this - they definitely had the chairs from Mama Fu's in here.


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